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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Quinoa Breakfast Sliders

Inventing an interesting and tasty breakfast is not easy when you are gluten free, processed food free, sugars free (sugars free is not a typo, I say this to make a point that this is different from sugar free.  Sugars free means no sweetening sugars which right now even includes lactose - milk sugar) and blah, blah, blah free right?  Recently I have been on an acid alkaline balance kick, and it has become pretty obvious that many of us, including myself are mildly acidic or even severely acidic.  This stems from eating too many processed foods, sugar, meats, and grains.  However, not all grains are created equal, and although it seems ironic to be limiting grains to absolutely nothing in my diet and then come up with this breakfast, I challenge all to do a little research on Quinoa.  This grain goes way back and may be a smarter alternative to the beloved other grains that we all have been taught are so healthy these days.  But lets get on to the good stuff - breakfast!!

This little breakfast sandwich was an off the cuff creation this morning after I had initially thought I would try to make a quinoa crepe.  After these little 4 inch quinoa pancakes resulted, it hit me - a breakfast slider!!  It's easy so here we go.

Ingredients: (for pancakes)
1/3 cup whole quinoa flour
2 eggs beaten well
2 tbsp butter melted
3 tbsp sour cream or plain yogurt
pinch of salt

For the inside:
1 egg over easy
sour cream 
mixed baby greens
Mix all of your pancake ingredients up well, get a non-stick pan hot on medium heat and pour the mixture in to little 4 inch pancakes.  Flip when the edges start to bubble and leave them on until they are very firm to the touch.  After you get your pancakes all done, cook one egg over easy for every two pancakes.  Spread some sour cream on one pancake, lay the egg on that, dress it up with as many greens as you like - hit it with a little sea salt and put the other pancake on top and you are done with breakfast!!  Today, I challenge everyone to do some of your own research on acid/alkaline balance.  Go out and buy a book, or read every credible thing you can online about it.  The next step will be buying litmus paper, testing your saliva several times daily and then doing your best to get back to an alkaline state - I have never felt better!!  Enjoy!

As always, gluten free

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