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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The plot

The Plot
It needs a little weeding right now, a lot of rain (which it is getting right now), and some compost.  All said, here is my garden plot.  Right now it has some winter squash, several varieties of lettuce just coming in, collard greens, broccoli, cauliflower, lots of english peas, turnip greens, and the remnants of things grown this past summer season.  Plans for this winter include getting a load of fine ground mulch to till in and break up some of that nice SC red clay, and extending the plot another 15 or so feet.  No, it's not a professionally groomed, perfectly balanced, elegantly planted or charmingly beautiful garden, but it grows unprocessed, raw, nutrient rich, and to add a cliche....healthy food.  Salads, peas, broccoli, and squash coming up!!
Winter Squash
Cayenne peppers anyone?


  1. Right on man
    Looks better than mine I tell ya that

  2. if you can't eat all those peppers you know who to call!

  3. I've got a bag of frozen peppers with your name on it Mikell. You could make some killer hot sauce with these puppies.