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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Best Sunday lunch...

Who needs meat on a sandwich like this one?  Mandy and I have decided to go as much vegetarian as we possibly can, which makes us what they call flexitarians.  As of right now we are probably eating meat once every two weeks or so.  I love a tall sandwich that falls over and apart when you look at it the wrong way, but unfortunately, most of those types of sandwiches are piled high with slices of processed meat and loaded with condiments like mayonnaise (which I love, no seriously, LOVE).  Since I did not have time to dive in to making my own mayo. today, and the mayo. in the fridge has natural flavors and soybean oil in it (two things I personally am trying my darnedest to avoid) I have opted to take a different approach in my quest to make a vegetarian, gluten free, mighty tasty, wicked good for you sandwich.  The idea came to me yesterday, and it had been tweaking and building in my mind until today.  I got stuck on the mayo thing because until I checked out the mayo. we had, I was not aware that the natural flavors and soybean oil were present.  Mandy comes to the rescue and says, "oooh, why don't we put hummus on it?"  Pure genius.  We had a fresh container of horseradish hummus from Trader Joe's ($1.99) just waiting on me to spread it all over a piece of toasted millet and flax bread.  The rest of the sandwich?  Here you go:  Melted mozzarella and sharp cheddar on a slice of millet and flax bread (wheat free from Sami's Bakery and available at Earth Fare), piles of fresh broccoli sprouts, red onion, fresh tomato from the garden, baby greens, and yes...a thick spread of horseradish hummus on the other piece of bread.  Mouth watering?  There's more.  We happened to have some fresh potato skins lying there, which you'll find out the reason for that tomorrow, and I said mm mm, fried potato skins-so that became our naughty little side for this rockin' sandwich.  At this point you might be thinking that I am getting a little too excited about a sandwich, and that my choice of adjectives to describe it make you want to vomit, but I am this excited because the sandwich was truly that good, not to mention the fried potato skins that went with it.  Throw in a glass of honey sweetened sweet tea, and that's why I say, best Sunday lunch....ever.

One more thing.  I harvested a few collards today, so I left a few pics here for you to check out.  Collards weren't on the menu for this week so these went to the freezer.  Enjoy!

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  1. Nice, my wife and I are flexitarians as well and for the sane reasons. the china study pretty much did it for us...