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Friday, November 19, 2010

New food options in Easley...

Hello, I wanted to share a new small business in Easley called Back to Nature.  I have included a link to the facebook site for this store.  Here is the link:  Just copy and paste the link into your url box and check this out.  I haven't been yet, but Mandy has.  This is a great resource in Easley for natural, unprocessed foods as well as gluten free products, so if you're looking for a place in Easley to get some good ingredients then you have a new option.  Just wanted to pass this along, and remember, support local, independently owned business if for nothing else, these are the people who are actually passionate about what they are selling, and developing a real relationship with a local store is very rewarding in many ways.  Support your community, even if it is a dollar or two more expensive - collectively, it will pay off in the end.  One more thing - y'all need to be watching out for gluten free peanut butter cookies soon!!

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