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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The scoop on some serious soup

Thick, creamy, extra tasty and cheap with a twist.  This is the potato soup that you always wish you could make but you didn't know the SECRET ingredient to make it thick and hearty without adding the dreaded ingredient that all of the other "soup makers" out there use....flour.  Not here.  Plus, you're gonna get a huge extra portion of vegetables in this one.  Have I held you off long enough?  OK, here it is, but don't squish up your face and say eeeewwww that's gross because if I didn't tell you, you wouldn't even know the secret ingredient was in here - just savory, filling, buttery potato soup.  Ready?  It's pureed cauliflower, that's right, I said pureed cauliflower.  No more carrying on and on, here is the recipe - and I won't bug you with calories, and fat and all that mess this time because when it comes to potato soup, does it really matter?  The answer is no. 
Start out with 3 good sized potatoes and peel them ( I normally wouldn't, but Mandy says so, and plus you get to make really awesome fried tater skins with these.)
Cube the potatoes up into as uniform as possible 1/2 inch cubes.

 Put the taters in a good sized pot and just cover with water and add one stick of butter to them (just throw it in) and a good pinch of salt and turn the heat on high.  As you are doing the next step, keep an eye on those taters because you only want them to actually boil for about a minute or two and then turn the heat to low - that way the taters won't turn to mush later on.  Next you want to steam two bags of frozen cauliflower.  Don't use fresh unless you have farm fresh which means it was from a local farm and hasn't been on a truck from South America for the last week.  After you steam the florets, stick them in the blender with a clove of garlic per bag (2 cloves total) a little salt and pepper, and some of the liquid from the pot of potatoes and then puree.

 Add the puree to the pot of taters, mix it all up, salt and pepper to taste and you have the ultimate potato soup.

  Note, if I ever make something that isn't good (to me), I will not trouble you with it, so when I say it was good, I'm not just blowing smoke.  I think eating healthy absolutely has to be eating tasty too or how can you really make a lifelong habit of it?  We want food that tastes great, so we have to be creative in order to find ways to combine ordinary food to make fabulous concoctions that we could eat over and over again.  I used to think that eating for wellness was gonna be all about making myself eat things I didn't want in place of things I did, but now I know that it's about creating the things I want the way I want them instead of buying the things I want that were prepared with things my body doesn't want.  OK enough already, enjoy the soup.

P.S. - that orangey (not an actual word), handsome looking stuff is cheddar cheese - as if I had to tell you I sprinkled a little cheddar on it.

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  1. Yum, yum - - made this soup tonight for dinner. Very good! How much cauliflower did you use? We used one big bag -- could have probably used a bit more. A+ :-)