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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fried Shrimp and Stir Fried Veggies in the Wok!!

Mom knew just what I needed for Christmas - a Wok!!  It's really neat and versatile, and after seasoning it and cooking in it just once, I would recommend it to everyone.  You don't have to have a Wok for this recipe, but it really does make everything quicker and easier.  Each of the tasks in this recipe can be done in separate pans if you don't have a wok.  Before I get in to the ingredients for this one, I hope everyone has had a wonderful Holiday, and as a New Years resolution for everyone - wash your sprouts well!!  If you have missed my entries, then blame it on three days of me suffering with salmonella from some store bought alfalfa sprouts!  Don't be one of those tough people like me who says, nah, I don't need to wash them cause my immune system will nip it in the bud.  It won't....and you will be miserable.  OK, let's get right down to what we need for gluten free fried shrimp and stir-fried broccoli, mushrooms, onions, leeks, garlic, and cashews.  This makes a nice little Asian style dish - Mandy and I opted not to use rice, for we are trying to stay as low carb as possible.
1 cup raw mushrooms
1 sm white onion chopped
1 leek chopped
2 cloves garlic minced
2 cups broccoli uniformly sized and frozen
1/2 pound raw, peeled shrimp w/ tails on
3/4 cup cashews (we used roasted/salted but raw will do fine)
1/4 cup teff flour
1 egg beaten
Peanut oil
Gluten free soy sauce w/ no additives (easy to find)
Juice of 1/2 lemon
Before you do any cooking, get all of your veggies cut up uniformly so that they cook evenly, put your teff flour in to a small bowl, and beat the egg in another small bowl.  In another small bowl combine about 3 tbsp soy sauce, a couple of squirts of lemon juice and a dash of red pepper and set this to the side.  Keep your mushrooms separate from the other veggies because we are going to want to cook them a little before we cook the other veggies.  Go ahead and toss the shrimp around in the mix of  teff flour and pinch of salt, then dip them in the egg and set them all to the side for later.  If you are using a wok, shout out to Kelly Snider because I know you have one, be sure and have a place to dump your cooked veggies out of the wok while you fry your shrimpies.  OK, get the wok nice and hot, between med. and high heat - you can put some non-stick stuff in it but I didn't need it and my wok is new.  When its all hot throw the mushrooms in with just a pinch of salt.  Toss them around until they seem soft and rubbery and then throw your other veggies in there and start stirring them around.  Add another pinch or two of salt.  When the veggies get cooked but crisp, dump them out of the wok.  It's time to fry up some shrimp!!!  Pour about an inch of peanut oil in the wok and let it get hot.  If you have a candy thermometer, get the oil to 375, but if you don't just toss a little beaten egg in the pan and when it sizzles immediately and swims around quickly you are probably ready to go.  Place the battered shrimp one by one in to the oil (if they don't violently bubble and sizzle, the oil isn't hot enough) and count to 20 and flip them with some tongs - count to 20 again and take them out - they're done.
Alrighty, after your shrimpies are all fried up, dump the oil in a container to use again or down the sink if not, and put the soy sauce mixture in the wok, let it get hot and then dump your veggies back in the wok along with the cashews and stir it all up until it is hot again.  Make sure the whole mixture gets coated with the sauce.  Turn off the heat and serve with the fried shrimp on the side.  Enjoy!!

Thanks Mom!!


  1. Looks delicious! I'll have to try this recipe. Hope you and Mandy have an awesome New Year! Love ya :(

  2. I am so excited to read your blog. Since taking my 17 month old off gluten. She only gets meat, eggs, veggies, fruit, cottage cheese, and yogurt. But the boring way..plain..steamed..boiled.. So thank you. You are now bookmarked. ;)...Shawna.

  3. Hi Shawna - thanks so much for your feedback!! I am so glad you enjoy the blog. There are so many possibilities that are all gluten free - and we would all be healthier without gluten. Spread the news about your 17 month old to everyone and thanks again - Russell